Hawkley International  

Providing a variety of vehicle load monitoring solutions, Hawkley International is involved in the design and development of products that are used to prevent and detect the overloading of vehicles to ensure important safety and legal criteria are complied with.


Preventing the use of overloaded vehicles on the world’s roads and highways has a very significant impact on the economics associated with road maintenance and traffic flow by reducing expensive road damage and the resulting traffic restrictions. Portable Wheel and Axle Load Monitoring Systems offer flexible weighing, for heavy and light vehicles, wherever required, even on the roadside. They are widely used by Law Enforcement, Fleet Operators, Vehicle Manufacturers and OEM Vehicle Fitting Aftermarket.


The Single Axle Weighbridge is ideal for weighing large vehicles, up to 40 tonnes per axle, quickly and easily. The vehicle is weighed as it rolls across the weighplate, eliminating the need to stop and position each axle. Axle weights are shown on easy-to-read display, electronically totaled and printed. Systems can be designed and configured to meet exact customer specifications, and can be adapted to integrate into customers’ existing information systems.

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