Delivering highly accurate load information where you need it, and fast, the HAWKLEY INDIA system enables you to:

Comply easily with axle loading legislation, thus avoiding both heavy fines and jeopardized insurance cover.

Ensure greater operational safety and a longer vehicle life through correct vehicle loading.
Maintain an accurate record of deliveries for more profitable material control. 
Set up vehicle braking and suspension systems for optimum road holding and safety.
Monitor a dispersed fleet of vehicles at various locations with a single PORTABLE WEIGHING set.

Weigh any mode of transport vehicle which has pneumatic tyres including AIRCRAFTS irrespective of the number of wheels.

  Weigh fully loaded containers at the ports, docks or container warehousing stations.  

Optimize on weight and distribute weight evenly across the chassis for buses and trucks commercial body builders.


Afford complete PORTABILITY by carrying the weighing system in the vehicle and weighing the vehicle whenever needed by just connecting the cables and switching on the Battery Powered Digital Weight Indicator.

  Choose from three different models depending on the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of the vehicle.  
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